“Wedding Anniversary” skit from The Carol Burnett Show has an unexpected twist

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ highlighted an entertaining drama highlighting Carol Burnett and Tim Conway, who play a couple who return to their wedding trip spot in Mexico. They have precisely the same room, and they wonder about its excellence a decade after they first remained there.

They move into bed, express goodnight to one another, and switch out the lights. Song’s eyes augment, and she says, ‘Henry, Henry! Something just slithered over me.’ Tim, playing the job of Henry, tells her it is only her creative mind.

Tune requests he turn the light on, and when he does, he says, ‘it is right there!’ pointing at Carol’s feet. She leaps up shouting, and he rapidly tells her he is kidding. She is raging and ultimately hits the sack.

Tune goes crazy once more and sits on the dresser, hollering that she nearly stepped on it. Henry glances around and asks, ‘Where?’ Henry recognizes the monster and attempts to punch it.

He showers it with something and later acknowledges it is antiperspirant. He gets it in a cup, and he leaves it there as they get back in the bed. After Henry switches the lights out once more, Carol requests that he check assuming the cup is still there.

They hear the glass break, and the lights happen as Carol shouts once more. She shouts, ‘Perhaps it’s conveying resentment, Henry! Bugs have been known to convey feelings of spite!’ She shouts and says, ‘Don’t move.’

She tells Henry it is on the rear of his neck and advises him to head outside. He rearranges out, terrified, and she locks him out. Then he advises her to give him access, and she does. The two of them move once more into the bed, but Henry has a colossal reptile on his back. The audience sees it before Carol, and they laugh out loud. When Carol looks at it, she passes out right away. The entire sketch is hysterical from start to finish.

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