“Doctors did everything possible.” How the participant of the show “I’m shy of my body” with an inexplicable diagnosis looks like now

Many people who saw this girl’s photo immediately thought that she has a passion for drinking. But this girl has no bad habits. Until 34 years old, she was a beautiful girl with dreams of a better life. At one moment, her face suddenly began to swell. Especially lips and eyes. She often wore sunglasses so that it was not so noticeable. However, every day it only got worse. And she decided to turn to the program “I’m ashamed of my body”.

Doctors of the program could not determine the girl’s diagnosis. At first they thought that she was allergic to detergents, because she worked as a cleaner. However, an allergic reaction was not detected.

As it turned out, there was an infection in the girl’s body, with which the body fought in this way – it swelled. Now the girl looks like this. Now she needs the help of a plastic surgeon, because her skin is very stretched due to swelling. However, it looks much better.

Dear readers, have you watched this program? We think that this is a wonderful project that helps people live! Write your opinion in comments!

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