Julie Andrews offers Carol Burnett encouragement as they work on her 90th birthday special.

Longtime pals Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett got together last week to celebrate Carol’s 90th birthday.

Last Thursday, Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett got together to shoot the latter’s 90th birthday special, which will broadcast on April 26.

Reunion of Andrews and Burnett

According to the Daily Mail, Andrews, 87, and Burnett, 89, filmed a two-hour program called “Carol Burnett: 90 Years Of Laughter Love” last week at the Avalon Hollywood & Bardo in Los Angeles, California. In the star-studded show, Bernadette Peters, Billy Porter, Jane Lynch, Katy Perry, and Kristen Chenoweth will all make appearances

Burnett told Deadline earlier this year, “I’m so happy NBC chose to give me a birthday celebration and called all of my closest pals. “I feel so fortunate to be able to share this night with everyone, and I can’t wait to look back at so many amazing moments throughout my career.”

Executive producer Mark Bracco continued, “This special is going to be the greatest celebration ever. “There will be comedy, singing, and a ton of big-name celebrities giving homage to the one and only Carol Burnett. We can’t wait for everyone at home to join us in our celebration.

Burnett and Andrews’ friendship

The two women have been close friends for so long that Andrews even named the legendary actress of “The Carol Burnett Show” as the grandmother of her 60-year-old daughter Emma.

Oh my god, she is such a wonderful friend, I agree! Burnett was once quoted by Andrews in People Magazine. And when we get together, I’m the wicked lady, you know. She is the calm one, but she brings out the humor in me. It’s very humorous.

At a charity event in the 1960s, Andrews and Burnett shared one of their funniest moments when they were photographed making out while waiting for their buddy Mike Nichols, a filmmaker.

Andrews once remembered, “It was Lyndon Johnson’s inaugural, so the hotel was fairly packed, but at that hour it was quite peaceful. “We made the decision to wait for Mike while seated on a couch in front of the stairs. I promise I can’t recall which of us made the decision to act foolishly when Mike stepped out of the lift. So one of us suggested that we start kissing or something.

Meeting the First Lady for Andrews and Burnett

Before the elevator, Andrews and Burnett engaged in a “big embrace,” but when it opened, it was “simply packed with Secret Service men.”

Then, when the woman down the hall realized it might be us, she returned, according to Carol, it was woman Bird Johnson. We were both crying from being so silly at this point, and Carol was laughing so hard that she walked around the back of the couch we were seated on.

“The woman approached and asked, “Excuse me, are you Carol Burnett? ” while peering over the back of the couch. Yes, and this is my buddy Mary Poppins, Carol immediately responded. It was a wonderful occasion, she added.

View the movie below to learn more about this.

It’s wonderful to know that Andrews and Burnett have such a lovely relationship because they are two real living legends. When Burnett’s birthday special airs next month, we can’t wait to watch it!

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