Young deer are lured to the sound of a lady playing the harp, just as in a movie.

Notwithstanding their attractiveness, deer are highly cautious and humble animals. They are the type of people that like to stay out of the spotlight and are alert to any hint of danger.

To say they are extraordinarily calm and quiet creatures is an exaggeration. Because they are so far away from most people, they are barely visible up close. Despite the fact that deer are generally timid, one in especially couldn’t help but come out of the woods when they heard some extremely lovely music.

Initially, there was a harp. Nina SV’s video accidentally reinforces the notion that some animals appreciate the sound of music. Several scientific studies back up this theory.

Nina, 25, from Montreal, Canada, recorded a video of herself playing the harp on a beautiful day there. It looked to be a movie scenario due to the lovely and serene surrounds and the fantastic music she was generating.

A deer appeared from the bushes, as if looking for the source of the music, challenging our belief that it could get any better. Isn’t it amazing?


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