MY STEPMOM CAME TO MY WEDDING IN A FULL-ON WHITE GOWN – MY HUSBAND TAUGHT HER A REAL LESSON. Linda’s been a bit dramatic since she married my dad when I was ten. She always wants the spotlight, but I never thought she’d pull something like this. Leading up to the

I nodded, but I had other ideas. Linda would find a way to make the day all about her, I knew it. She did all the time.I recalled occasions such as holidays and birthdays when she effortlessly stole the limelight, putting me in the background.My worry increased as Linda kept fussing over the flowers. It was always difficult for me to appreciate the wedding when Linda was there.“Do you need any help, Linda?” In an attempt at civility, I suggested. She dismissed me with a wave. “Oh my goodness, no. Everything is under control with me.”“All right,” I forced a smile and said. “I’m going to take a break, Dad. I have to be somewhere.My closest friend and maid of honor, Sarah, and I met at the wedding planner’s office. She hugged me and said, “Why is the bride looking so sad?”“I guess I’m just nervous.”“Don’t worry; today will be the best ever! Come on, it’s becoming late. We went into Grace’s office, the wedding coordinator.She looked up from her papers and continued, “Well, uh, your stepmother insisted on giving a speech during the reception and requested to be seated in the front row, Alexandra.”I was taken aback. Linda and I had discussed this earlier. How was she able to? “Isn’t that usually reserved for the bride’s mother or father?” With an eyebrow raised, Sarah enquired.Grace gave a nod. Yes, the bride’s parents are supposed to sit in the front row traditionally. Linda technically shouldn’t be at that spot because your father will be there and you have decided to keep a place for your late mother.

Furthermore, we must uphold a certain level of decorum and respect for family customs. This wedding has great significance, particularly in light of your mother’s memorial.”I let out a sigh as I felt the old frustration building. She must always put herself first in everything. She probably has a spectacular show in mind.”Sarah inclined herself closer. “We need to be prepared for whatever she’s planning.” Grace cast a worried glance in my direction. “How would you like to handle this, Alexandra?”I paused to reflect. “Is it possible for us to let her know that my parents have the front row reserved? Perhaps advise her to choose a seat in the second row?” “That makes sense,” Grace concurred. “I’ll speak with her now. Regarding the speech, what are your thoughts?”I gave a headshake. “She shouldn’t be giving a speech, in my opinion. It’s intended to honor my mother and commemorate the marriage. She’ll only focus on herself.”Sarah gave a nod. If necessary, we can have a different speaker. Perhaps one of us or a member of your mother’s family?”Feeling a little more at ease, I said, “That’s a good idea.” “Let’s make sure the speeches are meaningful and respectful.” Grace wrote down a few things. “I will see to it. We’ll make sure everything goes without a hitch.Sarah gave me an armshake as we walked out of Grace’s office. “Alex, don’t worry. We can handle this. Linda won’t make your day miserable. I hoped she was correct, and I nodded. I needed to talk to Tom about my worries when I returned to our flat.I said, “Linda is determined to steal the show,” and left my luggage by the door. “She’s giving a speech at the reception and insisted on sitting in the front row.” Tom encircled me with his arms. Together, we’ll tackle it. Be at ease. I scowled as I sank into his hug. “It’s not just that,” I murmured, stepping away from his closeness. She has a talent for making things look spectacular. Even though she’s not my biological mother, she’s constantly forced to play parts that belong to my mother. We wish to preserve my mother’s spot in the front row as a mark of respect. She’s going to make our wedding all about her, and I fear that.”Tom gave a comforting grin. “Believe me. I have a strategy. Give her space and time. Everything will work out. I was fascinated, so I inquired, “What kind of plan?” He gave me a forehead kiss. “Just have faith in me. It comes as a shock. But I assure you, it will maintain the attention where it belongs—on your mother’s memories and us.”Feeling slightly better but still nervous, I let out a sigh. “Hopefully. All I want is for things to run smoothly. Linda has a tendency to be very erratic.” Tom gave me a tight squeeze. “I am aware. But we can handle this. Together, we are in this.” I nodded, attempting to unwind. “Many thanks, Tom. Thank you so much for that. “Anytime, love,” he smiled reassuringly at me. “Now, let’s enjoy our evening and not worry about Linda for a bit.” I returned the smile, appreciating his encouragement.The wedding day soon came. I felt both anxious and thrilled. As I was getting dressed in my bathrobe, Sarah suddenly entered the room with a pale face. She drew me over to the glass and whispered, “You won’t believe this.” Glancing out, I saw Linda walking out wearing a full-length white bridal gown. “What the…” All right, this was a surprise to me. How could she? “What are you doing, Linda? You’re not allowed to wear white to my wedding!” I couldn’t contain my rage as I rushed over to her. She grinned and said, “Oh, darling,” without expressing any remorse. Alexandra, you’re still young. Your entire life lies ahead of you. I may not get another opportunity to feel like a bride like this one. I’m worthy of this recognition.”My temper was about to flare, but Tom pulled me in. “Believe me, we’ll resolve this later,” he muttered, grinning mischievously. “But Tom, how could she?” I gave in when he said, “Trust me, okay?” As the ceremony continued, Linda was enjoying her moment in the spotlight while seated in the front row. It was obvious Linda had succeeded in getting what she wanted because Grace had a look of helplessness on her face. Though I was seething inside, I had faith in Tom. I made an effort to concentrate on the vows and the present as the ceremony went on. I turned to face Tom, and he nodded encouragingly. But every time I saw Linda’s arrogant look, my confidence in Tom’s scheme faltered. I held my breath until it was time for the remarks. Linda got to her feet, prepared to lead. But Tom grabbed the microphone before she could say anything. “Ladies and gentlemen, before we continue, I’d like to share a special video tribute to Alexandra’s late mother.” The screen displayed a lovely montage of my mother as the lights went out. The room was filled with loving messages, videos, and photos. My eyes welled with tears, and the guests showed signs of emotion. Linda’s attitude changed from pride to disbelief. With a knowing smile, Tom gave me a look after the homage. “Alex, today is about paying tribute to your mother and our affection. Nobody is able to take that away. He then turned to face Linda. He said, “Linda, could you join us up here?” Linda assumed she was going to be honored and appeared arrogant.“Today, we’ve decided to let her shine even more because Linda has always been a star in her own right,” Tom said as she approached the stage. Then another slide show started. The first few photos were rather benign; they showed Linda attending the wedding while wearing her white dress from different perspectives. But then Tom started to twist. The following picture was taken earlier that morning, when Linda had sneaked into my bridal suite. She was seen on camera attempting to put on my bridal veil and spinning about holding a bouquet she had stolen from the bouquets. Linda’s face reddened as the room gasped. She attempted to remain composed, but Tom wasn’t finished. With a gesture toward the DJ, he said, “Wait, Linda, we’re not finished.” Abruptly, a tape of Linda bragging to her buddy over the phone about how she was going to outdo me was played over the speakers. “This little princess must discover her role in society. Her voice reverberated across the hallway, “I’ve waited long enough to have my moment.” A few people in the crowd even booed as they were surprised. With a hug and a whisper, Tom said, “I told you I had it covered.” The surprise was not over, though.Tom had made arrangements for Linda’s former spouse to give a guest speech. As he mounted the stage, he revealed Linda’s true self to everyone by telling tales of her earlier mischievous behavior. What was the outcome? Trapped and flushed, Linda hurried out of the hallway as soundlessly as possible. Tom and I grinned, knowing we had given her a lesson. She was the center of attention because she was desired, but not for the right reasons.
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