If you spot someone wearing these shoes, stop what you’re doing and look around. You had probably better know what it means I had no idea

People with vision impairments have difficulty moving around in a busy, fast-paced world. Fortunately, these folks have much better lifestyles now that technology has advanced.

Apart from a cane or a service dog that aids in their mobility, visually impaired people can now take use of the newest high-tech solution offered by Tech-Innovation, an Austrian firm.

This company has produced shoes with an integrated sensor that, upon detection of an obstruction, sounds or vibrates to notify visually impaired individuals.

The sensors in the InnoMake product respond when an obstruction is detected at a minimum of half a meter and a maximum distance of four meters. The sensor has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to a week before needing to be replaced, and it fits into a certain slot within the shoes. To fully charge the battery, it just takes three hours.

There is a free app included with the shoes and sensor. Through it, users may change a number of parameters, including how far away from objects they must be before receiving an alert.

The sensor’s makers considered this and designed it water-resistant in case you were wondering what would happen in the event of rain or snow. In the event that users choose to use the intelligent mode, the sensor will deactivate while they are seated and reactivate upon detecting movement.

In Austria, there are numerous stores where customers can try on shoes before making a purchase.

This innovation truly is a life-changing one.

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