When the hymn Alleluia began to play, the skater moved everyone in the crowd, including the judges, to tears.

Even though many people lack the necessary skating abilities, Taryn Jurgensen can’t remember a period when she didn’t participate in figure skating. She stepped onto the ice, waiting for the music to start with impatience. It turns out that she was developing some quite incredible plans.

People used skates and other similar devices on the frozen surfaces of rivers and lakes. The “father of modern figure skating,” Jackson Haynes, is credited with inventing the activity in the 1860s. He arrived to the conclusion that figure skating should be more important and appealing.

In many different countries around the world, figure skating has a long history and has seen the birth of true professionals. It is obvious that Taryn is at home because she is skating on the ice.

Before she took any kind of action, leap, or lean, she undoubtedly practiced it several thousand times. Tarina is endowed with wonderful qualities such as grace, intelligence, fluidity, and expression. After seeing the video, don’t forget to tell your friends about it by sharing this post with them.


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