Simon has doubts about the tentative vocalist Lucie Jones, but he is astounded by her Whitney Houston audition.

Lucie Jones’ performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” at her The X Factor audition raised some questions for Simon Cowell. He was sadly mistaken, though!

Lucie Jones, age 18, is from a small Welsh village with only a few hundred individuals.

Lucie continues, “I really want to get out there on the big stage.” regarding leaving her hometown.

In an interview conducted prior to Lucie Jones’ appearance on The X Factor, Lucie’s mother said: “For someone like Lucie, who has her sights set on the bright lights, this could be the way for her to move away and realize her dream.”

Lucie Jones of The X Factor Shines
Lucie begins singing “I Will Always Love You,” and she exhibits some stage nervousness. But as time passes, she gains confidence and raises her voice. Simon even starts to smile as he sees her succeeding on stage.

The X Factor judges offer Lucie Jones some words of encouragement after her audition.

According to Judge Sheryl, “I actually loved your vulnerability in your performance because it makes me think you don’t realize how amazing you are.” She says, “I think you’re one to watch, Lucie.” I think you have a lot of promise. “I think you can sing anything,” she said.

X Factor judge Loui asserts that “some people were born to sing.” Your voice is good for singing. You meet all the qualifications, thus I foretell that things will change for you starting today.

Simon grinned widely and said, “Lucie, this is why we come to Wales.” “One of the most difficult songs in the entire world to sing.” Without straining to sound like Whitney Houston, you sang it in your own style. Lucie, I truly adore the way you are. You are incredibly talented. I genuinely like you, he says.

She finds it hard to believe how well appreciated this young woman is. Lucie Jones leaves the stage right away after receiving positive comments from all of the X Factor judges and is met by her pleased parents.

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