On The Voice, a two-year-old infant performer STEALS the show. VIDEO

The Voice’s two-year-old child contestant STEALS the show… VIDEO
During her open audition, Rebecca Selley’s child JJ and the song “Let It Go” that she sang with teacher Kelly Rowland went viral. Did you know it has received more than ten million views? She claims that my footage was posted first, followed by my son’s.

“I had hoped he could sing in tune.” But what I was most happy about was the fact that he sang with Kelly. She cried, “I loved this moment!” Will the expectant mother be happy that her son will be working in the entertainment business full-time?

“I’d always had my doubts about the business, especially since it was so young,” she confesses. Sally, 34, is unconcerned if her baby develops an aptitude for singing. Although he enjoys performing and dancing, this could be a watershed moment for him. But if he enjoys it and excels at it, I will undoubtedly back him and provide him with the best advice I can.


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