A 4-year-old boy went outside to play and returned with a deer that he had made friends with in the forest.

Just picture your 4-year-old son coming home with a deer friend for a moment. Not a fairy tale, is it? Well, Stefan experienced exactly that while he was on vacation at the Resort.


I was astounded. This is just not feasible, I remarked. My mind is playing tricks on me, Stephanie said. «It was so bizarre, yet it wasn’t strange to him. They were simply synchronized.

The deer’s conduct is the most astounding. He is not the least bit afraid when there are people or cameras around. He appears to be a real actor because of the way he stands for the camera. The youngster gave his new acquaintance a name. He gave the buck the name Flash after the comic book hero.

As soon as Stephanie shared the beautiful photo on Facebook, thousands of comments were sent. “This seems to be normal for both of them,” wrote one person. “Your son and his friend are amazing. “Great photo,” added another. “They are like friends,” wrote another.

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