Meg Ryan, an actress, adopted a child from China 14 years ago, and that is how she was raised.

Meg Ryan is an actress with skill.

She puts a lot of time and effort into her career, occasionally forgetting to take care of herself.

However, she significantly improved world cinema.

Meg adopted a young girl from China 14 years ago.

As the actress said, she did not make such a choice on purpose, since in America the adoption process is very long, time-consuming and exhausting.

And in the China, everything is much simpler: you name your gender, age, and in a couple of months you are a mom.

Since then, her adopted daughter has been growing in love and care, Ryan has done everything for the girl’s happiness.


She named the baby Daisy.

Son Jack, who, after his parents’ divorce, wanted to live with his father, very easily found a common language with his sister.

For the sake of her daughter, the actress refused many roles, and always tried to adjust her schedule in such a way as to spend more time with her.

Daisy is growing up to be a sweet and very beautiful girl.

Mom and daughter are very close, they can share the most intimate things.

Best friends together 24/7.

The actress only regrets that she did not devote so much attention and care to her son.

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