Couples who shed weight together reported that their love never faded.

The so-called “strength test” is something that couples experience at various stages of their relationship. Such a test might entail weight reduction, seclusion, or joint repair. The latter, incidentally, is quite unifying because the partners provide each other a lot of support and assistance.
A collection of images of couples who successfully overcame this problem by losing weight together has been collected for you today.
The boys wanted to stand out entirely at their wedding, and they were successful. For two less than 60 kg!

And this couple dropped 253 kg for two! Super!

Look at these two, they did it!

Isn’t it wonderful!

Completely different people!

Now the two of them will fit in these trousers. Minus 139 kg!

Cool result!

When you decide to take care of your health together


Immediately minus 10 years

So beautiful


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