It turned out that the woman’s two adoptive children, who were separated by a year, were actually brothers and sisters.

It’s amazing that Miss Page adopted a boy and a girl; they are actually siblings. A year later, Miss Page adopted a daughter.

This woman decided to change completely after the divorce, her place of residence, and her job changed everything. She began working as a caregiver at a center where children abandoned by their parents live.

He initially found this work to be highly demanding and challenging. But over time he grew accustomed to it and developed a deep love for the procedure. She quickly came to the conclusion that she wanted to adopt a child from this center. He has four days to go. Her mother abandoned her; she used drugs frequently when she was pregnant. Thankfully, it had no impact on the infant’s health.

She looked after the boy. Graison was the name he gave her. The woman received adoption papers after the authorities were unable to track down the real mother. As a result, Grayson was adopted as his son.
A call requesting her to pick up another infant from the center came a few days later. The mother was still being treated at the hospital. She felt compelled to take the infant for herself.The woman at last saw the infant. The boy’s parent’s name bracelet was fastened to the tiny handle, which was the most stunning aspect.

The woman found Hanah’s biological mother’s address (that was the girl’s name) and met with her. She mentioned that she does not know anything about her son and is expecting her third child.

Katie reported this to her curator, who conducted a series of checks and confirmed that the boy and girl were relatives.

Well, that’s not the end of the story.

After all, the unlucky mother soon abandoned her third child. And Kathy Page is already getting custody.
— Then my large family will be complete! Katie smiles happily.

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