How has Jim Carrey’s only daughter changed over the years?

One of the most adored comedians in Hollywood is without a doubt Jim Carrey. The man had two marriages during his life, had numerous relationships, but only had a daughter from his first marriage.

First-time husband Jim Womer wed waitress Melissa Womer in 1987, the same year their daughter Jane was born.

This union lasted for eight years. Everything was good up until Jim gained notoriety. Since then, family disputes have erupted. Womer claimed that she forced her husband to take out the trash at least periodically by commanding him to come down from heaven.
After the divorce, the actor sent his mother a million dollars together with his daughter. Then he fell into a deep depression; going through this divorce was very difficult. But he continued to speak to his daughter constantly. Jane was present when Jim received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Stars, and you could frequently run into them at film premieres.

In 2012, Jane was seen on the American Idol show. The girl dreamed of becoming a famous singer, but she left this competition in the second round. As Kerry herself admits, it is very difficult to get out of the shadow of such a famous father.

In 2013-2014, Jim and Jay collaborated on the creation and audio recording of Jim’s children’s book How Roland Rolls. Also, the famous daughter recorded the soundtracks for the sequel to the film «Dumb and Dumber», which her father played. And in 2018, the girl participated in the filming of the TV show «Catfish». Now the actor’s daughter performs in a group that bears her name — The Jane Carrey Band.

In December 2009, Jane married the vocalist of the metal band Blood Money, Alex Santana. The couple had a son, Jackson Riley. But his appearance did not save the marriage, and in 2010 the couple divorced, having lived only 11 months.

Jane says that she and her father have a great relationship and she is very proud of him.

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