TRUE: CBS offered Roseanne Barr $100 million to write a new program.

Roseanne Barr received a $100 million deal to pen a new show, according to a CBS official who revealed the information to ALLOD. Executive Vice President of Programming Joe Barron said, “We approached her shortly after word got out that she was no longer canceled. We threw a ton of money at her.”

Despite the lack of a formal announcement, our source said it appears probable that Roseanne will reject CBS in favor of a Fox program starring Tim Allen. She said to someone on Thursday, “CBS is alright, but I like Fox.”

We’ve done some research and found that this tale is 100 percent accurate.

Later this year, Tim Allen’s show will start shooting in Michigan, and several of the former ensemble members intend to appear. According to Francis, none of the “The Conners” ensemble members will be present.

It’s very challenging to condense something like this to 200 words, which is required for appropriate ad displays, with the wokeness gone, the show in production, and the narrative the story. It would still be true that the story is the story and, according to the story, as accurate as can be with another thirty lines or so.

Godspeed to the USA.


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