Due of its appealing appearance, a golden-beige pet raccoon has gained internet attention.

Yuta, a two-year-old gold-beige raccoon. He lives in a typical Taiwanese urban condominium with his mistress Wendy Tai. Yuta used to look like his puffy relatives, but now he has a fashionable hairstyle and looks to be a fashionista. And, as always, the Website’s greatest superstar.

Wendy, 33, travels to Yuta on a yearly basis to receive the necessary therapies. As a result, the animal hairdresser offered to create a unique appearance for the squirrel. Yuta looks to be having a fantastic time right now; he has thousands of foreign social media followers for a reason.

Wendy updates her blog almost every day with new photographs and stories of her pet’s antics. According to the host, the raccoon was not very attractive as a young animal, and nothing suggested that he would grow into an Obsessed fan.

The raccoon and its owner prefer the new look since it makes it easier to preserve the animal’s hair, which requires washing. Wendy believes she will not profit monetarily from her cat’s notoriety. A curly pattern has subsequently been added to the animal’s back. The animal now has a more pleasing appearance.


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