The obedient cat drives the kids to school every day and even tries to go inside with them.

Launa was rescued from a charity two years ago by Iveta, a mother of two. The cat quickly became a member of the family and formed special bonds with the boy and girl. The kids stayed at house a lot. She carried the youngsters around with them.

Despite the fact that the children were homeschooled, Iveta attended to school every day in order to receive free lunches. Launa stayed with the kids even after they returned to school full-time. Launa took the decision to attend school one day

She crept into the facility after the kids, but she was quickly discovered. Iveta was caught aback by the cat’s bravado and confessed twice to the instructor. When Iveta arrived at school, Launa was standing outside the main doors, attempting to enter as if she was waiting for the right moment.

When she saw Iveta, the cat acted nothing has really happened. They were only able to get the cat inside securely by feeding it. Don’t give up; we’re convinced the cat will try again. What are your thoughts?


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