A young child with a promising future Gymnastics is mastered by an 8-year-old girl born without both legs.

This tiny kid needs to be acknowledged by the entire world.

So, meet Paige Kalendin, despite her oddity, a young athlete. The reality is that the girl was born without legs.

As she got older, her parents observed that she was paying close attention to the gymnasts’ performances.

It was agreed to send the girl to training, but merely to strengthen her arms and get her in shape.

It is possible that the parents did not realize how gymnastics evolved from a simple pastime into the meaning of life for their daughter. Page, who is eight years old, is a member of the Ohio State gymnastics team.

Our young girl has stated that she intends to continue doing gymnastics and competing.

Surprisingly, the girl also participates in swimming, cheerleading, and archery in addition to gymnastics.

Parents are proud of their cherished daughter and are pleased that she always has a grin on her face.

In addition, Olympic champion L. Podkopayeva attended the competition in America and met the new potential. She was overjoyed with the little athlete’s victory and shared a snapshot of the two on her Instagram account.

It is worth noting that the 8-year-old gymnast intends to compete in the Paralympics. Of course, with such strong desire and support from parents and coaches, this will be feasible.

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