Whoopi “Needs To Be Deported To Learn To Appreciate What She Has Here In America,” as a Newsmax guest put it.

Podcaster David J. Harris Jr. appeared on Eric Bolling’s Newsmax program to participate in a new section dubbed “Date, Debate, Deport.” Bolling would present Harris with a list of names, and Harris would determine who he wanted to romance, argue, or expel.

Harris stated that he would remove Whoopi Goldberg from The View so that she could respect what she has in America. “I think Whoopi just needs to be deported,” he said. (See Video Below)
“I believe she just needs to go over and genuinely spend some time in Africa and, maybe, she’ll learn to value what she has here in America. There will be no arguing or courting with her.

He stated that he would date Sunny because she “might be reachable if the mood was right.”

He was then requested to repeat the process with Maxine Watters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Nancy Pelosi.
Mediaite claims that:

“The section proceeded in the same vein. Bolling picked out Reps. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) as “ladies of Capitol Hill,” as well as Nancy Pelosi.

“To “hold her responsible,” Harris decided to banish “mad Maxine” and fight Pelosi.

“The conservative pundit claimed he’d take Ocasio Cortez out to a bar and “wine and feed” her to persuade her to abandon politics and return to bartending.”

“Peaceful protests continued nationwide after Friday’s release of police footage showing officers savagely beating Tyre Nichols in Memphis,” Whoopi said recently about the brutal killing by police in Memphis. Five officers have been accused with second-degree murder and abduction so far.

“I posed this question way too many times at this table, but you know, when will the brutality eventually lead to some police reform from the bottom up?

“Because obviously, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a white or black cop. It is an issue with security in general. People don’t seem to understand things unless they can experience or know the person.

“Do we need to see white people get beaten before anyone will do anything?” the presenter asked before rapidly contextualizing her remarks.

“I’m not saying that. So don’t write to us and accuse me of being a bigot. I’m just wondering if that’s what folks need to see to wake up and understand this affects us all.


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