The left of today has more and more reasons to dislike Woody Harrelson.

Woody Harrelson has been a popular actor in America since he first starred on the successful program “Cheers.” His diverse parts, which range from the delightfully comic to the extremely serious, have won him respect both inside and outside of Hollywood. It doesn’t hinder that his off-screen demeanor is delightfully detached from the mainstream.

Harrelson recently re-earned America’s respect when he presented Saturday Night Live and delivered an opening monologue that sparked outrage from the mainstream left and elicited raucous ovation from the rest of the audience.

It earned widespread respect, particularly among the impoverished and middle classes, who bore the brunt of the consequences of these lockdowns and unnecessary regulations. The left, on the other hand, was not pleased. The typical suspects started to publish articles about Harrelson uttering risky and untrue statements.

Apparently, Harrelson isn’t done unleashing truth grenades that would make any normal Hollywood leftist scream, and this time the facts he’s spewing are about the one thing the glitterati value above all else: celebrity.

According to Fox News, Harrelson thinks that fame can really damage a person and that people who are renowned must fight a continuous battle to not let it consume them:
“In every aspect that my ego has grown outsized, I admonish myself”.

“Even in my twenties, I was the most caring individual. I was so thoughtful. And then, once recognition arrived, it began to f— with those positive qualities.”

The “Zombieland” actor acknowledged that he is still “going through my trip with fame,” but that “dealing with one’s ego is a powerful tussle even without fame.”

Harrelson said his family’s affection and stabilizing impact keeps him grounded: Harrelson said he is “in a much better place” than he was five years ago, and his three girls with wife Laura Louie keep him in check.

“My daughters have always told me what a moron I am. Let’s just say they don’t constantly praise me on the back. They’ve helped me become a softer, kinder spirit.”
Harrelson emphasizing the negative impacts of celebrity on the brain was terrible enough, but emphasizing the goodness of the nuclear family in public? Some on the far left may regard this as obscene.

But he wasn’t finished. According to Fox News, Harrelson spoke candidly about the lockdowns, immunizations, and the epidemic in general:
“I don’t think anyone should have the right to demand that you do the testing, wear the mask, and get vaccinated three years later,” Harrelson told the publication. “I’m just like, Let’s get this foolishness over with. It’s not right for the workers. I’m not required to wear the disguise. What’s the point? Why should they be required to be vaccinated? Isn’t that up to the individual?”

“The anarchist in me does not believe that we should have forced testing, forced masking, and forced vaccination,” he added. That is not the definition of a liberated nation. I’m really talking about the team. Because I can avoid donning a disguise. I can conduct fewer tests. I’m not in their situation, but it’s incorrect. It’s been three years. Stop.”

None of this is likely to go down well with die-hard lefties, and many people in Hollywood are likely to feel compelled to blacklist Harrelson, but none of this would prove Harrelson incorrect. While he may not fall into any political categories, he does have a much better grip on reality than many people do on particular topics, such as how being renowned can cause you to go insane.

Few individuals in Hollywood, including comedian Ricky Gervais and actor Anthony Hopkins, appear to comprehend this.


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