After yet another cosmetic procedure, Nicole Kidman was compared to a “porcelain doll.”

The American performer is renowned for her tall height, white hair, snow-white complexion, and broad grin. She has always been distinctive not just for her looks but also for her abilities.

Nicole doesn’t have Hollywood tresses or apply makeup in real life. The fact that their mother didn’t look like she did on television or in pictures was something her kids struggled to accept. The artist, who is 55, is upfront about her trips to cosmetic surgeons.

She’s had several facelifts and eyebrow operations already. However, the crowd observes that Nicole doesn’t seem to be the same person she once was. On the Internet, there were critical comments.

What have you done to yourself, Nicole?, Beautiful even now, gray insect

“Nothing is distinctive any more,” Losing her enthusiasm The users said Kidman wasn’t the same person she used to be.


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