“The View” Will Be Replaced by “Shark Tank” on ABC

ABC Television is a company just like any other. When something isn’t working, you discreetly suppress it until it finally vanishes, then you swap it out for something that the populace actually appreciates. And The View has evolved into that collapsing company.

The View recently lost fifteen more sponsors, causing it to occasionally broadcast arbitrary self-serving graphics. According to executives like Joe Barron, the host Whoopi Goldberg’s most recent perplexing conduct was a major factor in the program’s decreasing appeal and falling numbers

“Whoopi is far too abrasive for that early position, in my opinion. At that time of the day, the majority of the elder goats are conservative wasteoids who have just dropped off their stupid children at school and are enjoying their first Manhattan. Just too left for them is Whoopi.

The network is temporarily replacing the program with their famous hit “Shark Tank” while they evaluate their choices for the future. Five “sharks,” or wealthy jerks, determine whether or not to engage in a novice inventor in the reality show Shark Tank.

While this is going on, the View ensemble is involved in other endeavors. Joy Behar is moving to MSNBC to host her own talk show, and Ana Navarro is thinking about pursuing her budding modeling career.

As for Goldberg, she’ll have plenty to keep her busy between the stress of paying off the lawsuits she’s engaged in and her new company making tiaras out of her own pubic hair.

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