Look at them today, 50 years later. George Strait and his wife were only youngsters when they escaped to elope.

50 years later, wow! George Strait and his wife were just teenagers when they fled to marry. These two show that love can triumph despite the prevalence of divorce. It’s such a fantastic tale. The pair remains as deeply in love as the day they were married.

George Strait and his wife, Norma, had their first engagement as teenagers. However, they didn’t begin courting until after a few months, when George was moved by her lovely spirit

“So I was 19 years old and I knew this girl, Norma,” he recounted. She was an attractive 17-year-old. so that we fell in love.

The pair left on December 4, 1971, for Mexico. They married in a modest church ceremony in front of family and friends when they got back to Texas. Jenifer, their first child, was born ten months later, and nine years later, George Jr., their second boy, was born. Their affection for one another got stronger over time. George Strait was aware of how fortunate he was to have Norma as both his wife and closest companion.

Through Tragedy, George Strait and His Wife Survive

Not everything has been peaches and cream for the pair. Tragically, in an automobile mishap in 1986, they lost their daughter.

The pair miraculously made it through the death of their kid. Norma and George relied on one another while clinging even more tightly to God. They found consolation and peace in the Lord. George expresses to everybody how much Norma’s solace and encouragement meant to him.

We were fortunate to be able to share 13 years with our lovely daughter Jenifer; we will all mourn her dearly and never forget her, her smile and laugh, he added. We will mourn her terribly because she meant the world to us, George said

Every day, George Strait and his wife mourn their late daughter Jenifer, but they are hopeful that they will see her again in paradise. “You know, the things that have happened in my life, like losing my daughter,” George said. I think we’ll get back together eventually. To some degree, I believe that’s what we’re all working toward: entering paradise.

George Strait and wife Norma
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Marriage is a lovely illustration of how much God adores us. God is at the heart of a marriage between two broken individuals. However, God’s compassion heals our wounds and completes us. George and Norma are the ideal example of a happy union.

George Strait serenaded his wife in public as they marked their 50th wedding anniversary. Additionally, he added, “We still like each other and we adore each other. A lot!”

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