Melissa Gilbert Describes the Moment She Fell for Her Spouse, Realizing Her Dream of Living Like Laura Ingalls

Melissa Gilbert exposes all facts of how she found true love at almost 50 with a lifelong friend after not seeing him for 20 years.
Melissa left the spotlight after a tiny wedding in order to mimic Laura Ingalls’ existence in “Little House on the Prairie” in a remote home.
The actress Melissa Gilbert is perhaps best known for her part in the beloved 1970s television series “Little House on the Prairie,” but she is much more than that. She has had a full life and married at the age of 50.

Gilbert was a single woman when she met her husband, but that changed when she ran into Tim Busfield once more. She hadn’t seen him in a while, but one day, while she was out with a friend, she ran into him. That day, their love journey began.

Gilbert shared on Instagram the specifics of how she and Busfield first fell in love. She explained that she had not seen her now-husband for almost 20 years when she stumbled into him while out with her buddy Daniel Robb on a day trip.
Gilbert admitted that her feelings came in when she saw him on that day out while talking about how she felt. She fessed up:

I was instantaneously, totally, and madly in love, and I’m still totally, totally in love.

She wrote the message in honor of the tenth anniversary of their reunion and expressed her gratitude for being able to wake up each day close to him. She praised him for being “incredibly kind, talented, sexy, [and] hilarious.”

The specifics of Gilbert’s 50th birthday love discovery
After going years without seeing one another, Busfield and Gilbert finally connected in a pub in 2012. in the time, Busfield had no intention of getting involved with Gilbert. He had recently divorced his second wife.

According to Busfield, the pub he entered was generally deserted at 8 o’clock. The actor revealed that it was his nightly ritual to leave Universal Studios and cross the street to this tavern, which at 10 o’clock changed into a club.

But when he entered one day, it wasn’t as empty as it typically was. Instead, Gilbert was waiting to see her companion while sat there. At first, he said, he didn’t recognize Gilbert, but by the end of the evening, he had come to the conclusion that she was going to be his wife.

He said that they started talking and kept it up all night. Busfield even made a joke about Gilbert not realizing when her pals arrived. At the time, Gilbert was also ending a second marriage, but the two could not deny their chemistry.
Despite having each experienced heartbreak twice and having children from prior marriages, they began dating and got married in April 2013 not long after reuniting.

How did Gilbert live up to his desire to be like Laura Ingalls?
Gilbert and Busfield realized the spotlight was no longer for them after exchanging nuptials. Gilbert had always wished for a quieter life in the country, so they traded their Hollywood hustle for it.

The pair left LA and headed back to Busfield’s Michigan hometown. On the outside, the house was in disrepair, and inside, the previous owner had left behind trash. But they cherished it.

They recognized the house’s potential and gave it the nickname “the cabbage” because it combined a cabin and a cottage. When they ran out of money to renovate it, they ran into problems. Rather than hiring contractors, they fixed the house themselves, and Gilbert remembered how nice it was to have her husband’s aid.

Gilbert had always wanted to live in the country, and she got a taste of it when portraying Laura Ingalls in “Little House on the Prairie.” She acknowledged:

“I loved playing Laura because I wanted to be like her.”

Now, she has fulfilled her dream of being like Laura, as she has lived in the country for almost ten years. She and Busfield even grow their own food together on their rustic property. The couple has often spoken about how much they love their new life away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

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