With her sweet request to Mother, an 18-month-old daughter melts 1.2 million hearts.

A mother’s love for her offspring knows no bounds. It is, without a doubt, the purest expression of love on the globe.

It is unconditional and everlasting affection even when divided by a big wooden door.
That is what we witnessed in a breathtaking viral video that was recently posted to YouTube.

Ivy, the little girl, stood quietly outside the restroom door while her mother took a shower.
But it wasn’t because Ivy needed to use the bathroom. You’re probably pondering why she was outside.

It comes out that the darling child was simply seeking for an embrace from Mom.
It can feel like an eternity when you’re searching for a big hug, particularly at her age. Ivy was about 18 months old at the time the footage was recorded.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t her birthday, she was being carried around in an infant carriage and singing “happy birthday” to herself (it’s extremely adorable).

Ivy is already walking around the home on her own two feet.
This implies Mom can no longer escape. If Ivy needs an embrace, she can find her mother anywhere in the home and demand one immediately.

Even if her mother is in the bathroom, Ivy will request an embrace.

“I want Mommy,” Ivy states in the footage.

She’s standing outside the bathroom door, her eyes as sorrowful as we’ve ever seen them.
They’ve only been together for a few minutes, but she obviously requires some motherly attention.

Mom screams out Ivy’s name as soon as she sees her precious daughter is out there. This simply motivates the young girl, who then gently taps on the wooden door. Because she is too short to reach the door doorknob and open it, she must ring and wait.

Dad is outside as well, observing and filming the activity.

Fortunately, Ivy does not have to wait long.
In an instant, the door bursts open, exposing Mom.

When Ivy spots her beloved parent, her eyes light up.
Hugging a kid can provide solace, reassurance, and even healing. Affection is also an essential factor to consider. Mom pulls Ivy into her arms in an instant, and her entire attitude changes.

«She reminds me of those old-fashioned Dolly dolls with the eyes that open and shut as you raise and lower them.» One YouTube commenter calls the movie “GORGEOUS.”

It’s a beautiful scene, but it’s quite frequent.
Several other mothers shared similar tales in the comments portion of the video. Chaz Nonya, a mother, shared this humorous story:

«When my kid was born, she cried every time I attempted to shower.» She made sure I never took a shower alone when she was able to move. I phoned her and exclaimed, “Guess what?! ” when we eventually moved out (she was 23). «Did you have a tranquil shower?» she inquired, knowingly. And then we both chuckled.

Mothers and daughters have an unbreakable connection that almost ensures they will irritate each other for the rest of their lives. When you need a hug, there is always one individual you can rely on. Mom is the identity of the person.

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