The dog is infatuated with fresh ducklings and adores them as though they were her own.

Cappy, a German Shepherd, is well-known in the neighborhood. Simply put, she adores all kinds of little animals. She enjoys children and spends a lot of time on her family’s property with the birds, kittens, and chicks.

Cappy was happy since her family had lately acquired a big number of baby ducks. Cappy can be seen gazing captivated in these photographs as he watches hatchlings play in a puddle. She remains fixated on the ducklings, as if under some sort of spell.

Cappy, filled with emotion, lays the ground and begins looking in astonishment at the baby ducks.

She just moves in a fascinating manner, giving the impression that she is maybe moved by being engrossed in another universe, ignoring the actual misery of the moist ground.

Cappy’s calm, compassionate demeanor is unusual for a dog when surrounded by the creatures he adores.

She treasures the regular tiny critters! She has a warm, sensitive attitude and appreciates nature’s beauty. What a sweet and loving dog our Cappy is.


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