The dog is delighted when the owners install a one-of-a-kind glass in the fence so that the dog can see the outside world.

When the owners of this cute puppy spotted her dog, she realized that the dog had been peeping over a fence and studying other neighborhood dogs. Her father, she claimed, had installed a new fence.

However, when the fence was being erected, the space between the lines unexpectedly finally opened, giving the dog a new perspective on the world beyond his yard.

Because her dog was so attached to the outside world, the woman suggested to her father that a glass be built in the new fence so the dog could continue to stare out.

Making a specific hole for your dog’s enjoyment is unquestionably going above and beyond, but it is clear that the effort was worthwhile because he adores his new observation location.

She goes on to say that he waits outside for hours before responding to our calls and entering.

As we laugh, he watches the passing scenery. What a lovely present for this grateful dog. He certainly appreciates having his own window perch from which to watch the world beyond his yard.


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