Doggy, a 12-week-old puppy, tries to engage in play with the house cat.

In one clip, he is shown playing with his dog and Gendry, his cat. Looki and Gendry got along swimmingly. When Looki attempted to invite Gendry to participate in the fun, he was preoccupied. Gendry was even touched by the dog. But it was useless.

Looki kept approaching the cat, who was sitting on a chair. The dog persevered in trying to persuade his mate. Looki was sensible, and Gendry recognized it. He responded by softly rubbing Looki’s head with his paws.

He might have predicted what would occur if he messed about with Gendry. Even though the cat was uninterested in playing, the pup continued to do so. Looki took a step behind the chair. He was looking for a more suitable location to convince Gendry.

Looki continued moving over all. The dog persisted in pleading with Gendry to play with him.

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