A newborn donkey who has been abandoned by his mother soon after birth finds a new, loving family at the sanctuary.

Because their mother impulses are still latent, adolescent females in the animal kingdom frequently reject their babies. Despite the fact that the newborn donkey’s mother abandoned it at a British shelter, the animal was able to meet not only kind people but also a young mum.

Biggie, the donkey, was able to stand alone only a few hours after birth. Omnivores mature at this rate genetically. Biggie’s mother, on the other hand, was unconcerned about the creature.

The shelter’s workers then opted to feed Biggie themself. He was given dairy food and water every four hours, but he missed his mom. Then Abby, a donkey from a next farm, stepped in to help.

Abby instinctively felt horrible for Biggie. This occurred on the third day after birth, and they were running and playing together a week later. She acted like a caring mother by constantly being present.

Biggie, according to the shelter workers, was nurtured to be a nice and compassionate donkey who is pleasant and simple to interact with.


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