This kitten is overjoyed to have found a home after being abandoned by his mother.

As autumn came last year, Larisa who lives in England with her spouse only one posting seeking for help caring for a 5-week-old kitten. After being abandoned by his mother, the cat requires a new home.

The young cat, who appeared to be a girl, was presumably on her way to a nearby farm, but the owner could not meet her requirements. He then requested assistance in obtaining the medical treatment that the little hairball required.

The little cat needs medical attention. Nonetheless, she was a sweet and considerate young girl. “I phoned the vet, booked an appoint, picked her up and drove her right away,” Larisa explains.

She was much smaller than she had anticipated, and she meowed the entire trip to the vet’s office. The adorable cat has remained loyal to his owners since relocating into his new home.

She tried to curl up on her knees to receive attention; later that night, at midnight, she woke up crying for food and attention. Larisa recalls how tough the first few nights were due to her need for regular feedings.


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