The pit bull acquired from the shelter believes he is a cat, and his new owners frequently upload images to prove it.

Who is in charge of the home will remain a mystery. Occasionally the answers differ and are completely unexpected. Sisters Bella and Sally are certain that the solution will surprise you.

Initially planning to bring two cats, the two sisters altered their minds and decided to bring a dog as well. Frappe, they brought in the pit bull from the shelter. However, it quickly became evident that the cats were not only not going to give the newly arrived visitor authority, but they were also not going to make a fuss about it.

Sally and Bella developed a devious attitude, and they quickly saw that the pit bull had began to mimic the behaviors and manner of cats. The girls were first concerned about probable interactions with Bella the animals.

Surprisingly, cats began to influence the requirements for such a powerful breed as a pit bull. Frappe gradually began to like a cat. The owners are struck by his charming bond with his goateed buddies, with whom he shares meals and sleeps.

They were also aware that the stereotype around pit bull conduct is simply that: a stereotype.


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