Pig feels he is a member of the dog family because he was raised by dogs.

The expression “dogs are mates” has probably been heard before. Chewie, the domestic pig, ensures that a piglet can engage with dogs in the same way as a human can. Mups was raised by five rescued dogs in Southern California.

We can all agree that dogs are the best pets, but Chewie is just as adorable, cuddly, and appealing. Sharon, the pet king, maintains that most of her pets have adopted her character.

She notices their actions and sees a reflection of herself in them. She set up an Instagram account to share their photos and videos. Sharon says that she takes animal care very seriously since it is her responsibility to ensure that animals enjoy healthy lives.

This group of friends is so devoted to one another that it is impossible for them to imagine spending the day apart. This is incredible. What an incredible story, isn’t it? What do you think this story is worth? Please let us know in the comments.


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