Goldie, a petite rescued Chihuahua, befriends Nico, a massive dog.

You are certain that this is the case after noticing an unusual pair of dogs. Nico and Goldie become friends at the animal refuge. On January 27, 2016, a Chihuahua was discovered on the pavement after being left.

Goldie was just a month old and weighed only half a kilogram. After being recognized by witnesses, he was transferred to the animal shelter. Goldie first saw Nico at the agency’s kennel, who weighs 58 kg and consumes more food per day than a chihuahua.

Nico exhibited real interest in each newbie when he was the shelter author’s personal secretary. Despite their size and weight disparities, these two grew bonded quickly and surprisingly, and they now even play together.

The dogs may have to part ways soon since, despite their bond, Goldie has been placed for adoption and is looking for a new home.

Nonetheless, despite a relatively rough start in life, he will have a joyful finish. This shows that you can make friends with anyone.


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