Every morning, a wombat rests at the rescuer’s feet for the nicest reason.

Diana is not ever alone herself. She always has a little companion around to give her occupied.. Issyl, as she is affectionately known, is a rescue. Diana created a safe sanctuary for wombats that couldn’t thrive on their own.

The animal lover first saw Issyl three months ago. They are one of numerous species that have struggled to thrive in recent years as a result of global warming.

Diana saw immediately away that the little rodent required her assistance.

Issyl immediately felt safe and connected with Diana at the sanctuary, eager to accompany her everywhere. Diana designed a plan as a consequence. Issyl is presently eagerly waiting at Diana’s feet each morning until it is time for their walk.

Wombats often dislike humans, but when Diana arrived to the sanctuary, Issyl noticed that she was composed and eager to accept her assistance. Issyl probably likes the carrier because it reminds her of how cozy her mother was.

The young wombat will spend the remainder of her days in the sanctuary, where she will never be alone again. She is overjoyed to finally have a comfortable carrier and a place to call home.


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