A Japanese artist preserves the environment by creating animal sculptures out of recycled papers.

Sakura Sato chose to use her talents to address the issue of excess packaged items. The artist turns them into gorgeous animal figurines. Sakura had early hints of her artistic ability.

She continued her studies in design after completing her degree. Sakura had demonstrated exceptional talent in the arts while at the institution. She is now well-known not just in her own country, but also in Asia and Europe.

Sato’s specialty in sculpting is animalistic motifs. She uses newspapers in place of ordinary objects. Sakura makes astonishingly lifelike tri animal figurines out of washed newspaper that she rolls into the right shape.

The artist precisely reproduce the identical paper forms with the accuracy of a jeweler after carefully analyzing all of the characteristics of the selected animal. Such minute detail necessitates a significant amount of time and effort. First, Sakura took care of everything on her own.

However, as she became well-known, she realized she couldn’t handle the level of work on her own. Friends and family members were eager to work with and learn from the Japanese woman. Isn’t she a lovely young lady?


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