Grandmother was admitted to a nursing home, but her favorite cat was not permitted to accompany her.

The grandma was admitted to a nursing facility after many years of owning and caring for the cat. Milo, her pet cat, left when she just shoved him out the door and refused to let him return.

Milo now wanders the roads alone, unsure of what happened or why there is no longer a house, a cozy sofa, or exquisite food. Because pets find it difficult to adapt to life on the roads and every day is difficult, it may be difficult to appreciate what a pet that previously had a home suffers the daily basis.

He sat at the doorway for 2 weeks until realizing that no one needed him anymore because they were sick of him. He expected them to come and get him and take him home. A worker, though, was moved to tears after hearing about Milo.

Milo is now in protective care after she found him a new shelter. The cat is adorable, affectionate, and outgoing. We’re still seeking for loyal, permanent adopters for this lovely, fluffy cat.


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